The Critical Legal Theory Podcast focuses on legal theorists, lawyers, activists, and organizers, who share their stories about the origins, evolution, and influence of critical legal theories.

This season, we will share interviews with legal scholars (including Duncan Kennedy, David Trubek, Peter Gabel, Karl Klare, Mark Tushnet, and Kimberlé Crenshaw) regarding the history of the Critical Legal Studies Movement (CLS).

The interviews explore the intellectual, political, social, and economic context shaping the CLS movement and some of the effects of, and reactions to, CLS scholarship then and now.

You can learn more about the history and goals of the Critical Legal Theory Podcast in Episode 1. For their assistance in editing and producing the podcast, special thanks are owed to:

  • Tolu Alegbeleye, producer
  • Zach Berru, audio engineer
  • Julia Hammond, producer
  • Jon Hanson, executive producer
  • Jacob Lipton, former producer
  • Indy Sobol, former producer