Jon Hanson & Jacob Lipton, the co-founders of the Systemic Justice Project, have recently published their article, Occupy Justice: Introducing the Injustice Framework in Volume 15 of The Harvard Law & Policy Review. You can download the article on SSRN and

This is a republication of a post originally posted on December 26th 2014: Last week a South Carolina judge took the unprecedented step of vacating the 1944 conviction of a black 14-year-old boy, the youngest person executed in the United

“The reality, of course, is that few institutions — and certainly not Harvard — move toward more racial inclusiveness without pressure sufficient to awaken a tardy recognition that a modicum of diversity can be a valuable addition to a school’s

The Systemic Justice Project is thrilled to be co-sponsoring Dan Coquillette’s talk tomorrow (Tuesday): “On the Battlefield of Merit,” a lecture by Dan Coquillette October 27 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm Based on his extensive research (and just-published and

I want to comment on the relevance of history for understanding ourselves and our institutions today, using two case studies, both responses to the material in Dan Coquillette’s new book on the history of Harvard Law School, On the Battlefield of Merit. The