This week Jon Hanson had the privilege of speaking with (his brilliant former student) Briahna Joy Gray, on her always-illuminating podcast, Bad Faith. The episode is here.

Here is Bad Faith’s description of that episode:

Harvard Law & Economics Professor (and Briahna’s favorite professor) Jon. Hanson joins the podcast to offer a first hand lesson on the legal theories, economic principles, and social psychology underpinnings that explain how our legal system and democracy became so corrupted. In a sweeping conversation, Hanson explains how low liability standards all but ensure disasters like the East Palestine derailment occur, and what could be done to change that reality. As Briahna Joy Gray has mentioned on the podcast time and time again, professor Hanson’s Corporate Law & Tort Law classes were formative moments in her political evolution. She’s thrilled to share some of those lessons on today’s pod. She paid 180k for law school so you could get these lessons for free.

Here’s the video version of the podcast: