In her article on The [F]law, Falicia Elenberg uncovers how dark money, otherwise known as anonymous political spending, is perfectly legal and casts a harrowing shadow over our political system.

Yasmin Clark and roughly 170 other children were wrongfully and severely harmed by lead poisoning. However, they were retroactively barred from collecting damages from lead paint companies due to the enactment of a law that was informally sponsored by those very same companies through dark money channels. Harms such as these and the capture of the supreme court persist because when agencies try to address the dark money problem, they are bullied and charges against their officials are recommended to the Department of Justice. In addition, Congress and the Courts continue to block efforts to enact political spending disclosure laws. What is the difference between a polity captured by dark money and a puppet? At least puppets have strings that can guide you directly to the puppet master.

Read her excellent article: “Hidden Puppet Masters.” 

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