Adriel Williams’s  powerful new article on The [F]law looks at how prison telecommunications company Securus tears families apart with its astronomically high fees and costs. One million incarcerated people must use Securus products to call and email their families, but because Securus’s prices are so high, incarcerated people suffer in silence and lose contact with their loved ones. Families of incarcerated people skip meals, sell their cars, and refinance their mortgages just to afford Securus’s high prices. To add insult to injury, Securus’s poor service results in frequently dropped calls and delayed emails that can take days to send. Making the problem worse, local governments who contract with Securus often get kickbacks from the profits Securus makes off the backs of incarcerated people. Securus continues to record all time high profits, but incarcerated people aren’t seeing the benefits. Read here to see how corporate power and greed are responsible for these injustices. 

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