Learn More About Systemic Justice Lawyering!

Join us for lunch on April 8th to learn about two new courses being offered next year: Systemic Justice Lawyering and Advanced Systemic Justice Lawyering. The goal of the courses is to help law students identify, prepare for, and enter careers devoted to advancing systemic justice.

Together, the courses will present students with a robust range of theoretical and practical lessons, from a wide range of guest speakers, including different types of practicing attorneys, organizers, journalists, legislators, scholars, and more. In the fall semester, the course will be co-led by practicing attorneys who have worked on these cases and campaign; they will examine 4-5 case studies to illustrate illustrate the tools and strategies that lawyers employ to catalyze systemic change, as well as the intersectional injustices that they seek to dismantle. The spring 2025 course will build on the fall semester, providing students the opportunity to develop project proposals that address a systemic justice problem and engage with a host of attorney advisers and mentors.

The two-part course has been co-designed by a collection of lawyers, law students, and professors, including the following:

Come to our information session to learn more about systemic justice lawyering — the framework for change and the classes — where some of those individuals will be presenting and taking your questions.

  • When: 12:20pm – 1:20pm on Monday, April 8, 2024
  • Where: WCC 3019
  • + Free Lunch


photos of lawyers who helped with this course