Tuesday 5th September 2023, Jon Hanson and Dean Strang will be remotely co-presenting their paper, “Injustice Backlash: Deploying ‘Injustice’ to Thwart Justice” at the one-day conference at the University of Worcester in the UK. The conference seeks to explore key themes relating to rights and justice. It is being convened by members of the Constitutions, Rights and Justice Research Group: Dr Chris Monaghan (University of Worcester), Dr Josie Welsh (University of Worcester) and Dan Jasinski (University of Northampton).

There will be panel discussions and papers exploring the following broad themes: constitutional matters, citizenship and access to justice; criminal investigation and procedures (pre-trial); human rights and justice; criminal justice and procedure –  the trial and beyond; rights and justice – reproduction and education; rights and justice – civil; rights and justice – balancing acts and comparative analyses; and, justice and security.

You can learn more about the Rights and Justice: In Theory and Practice Conference here.