Jessenia Class’s new article on The [F]law uncovers how corporate actors funding Cop City under the guise of public safety and  “neighborhood prosperity” are harming the very people they claim to serve.  Read the article here. “Foundations and corporate actors

Friends of Systemic Justice Project will want to read Tala Alfoqaha’s excellent new article on The [F]law examining how private companies incentivize public police to prioritize property over people.  The article asks: What happens when the state’s monopoly on violence,

Jon Hanson delivered a “last lecture” calling upon graduating Harvard Law students to recommit to their “childhood dreams of justice.” “[Y]ou exist at an unbelievable moment in history,” he told students. “They happen every 50 years: a moment when the

This is a republication of a post originally posted on December 26th 2014: Last week a South Carolina judge took the unprecedented step of vacating the 1944 conviction of a black 14-year-old boy, the youngest person executed in the United

Josie Duffy, a friend of SJP, is writing about prosecutors and needs your help.  From Daily Kos: As many of you know, my writing at Daily Kos focuses primarily on prosecutors: Instances of prosecutorial misconduct, examples of outsized prosecutorial power,

Ted Hamilton (HLS 3L) published a Boston Globe article this week on “objective reasonableness.”  Here’s the introduction: The video is no less horrifying for being familiar: a young black man surrounded by about 20 police officers, nearly all of them

From Harvard Law Today: Mandating that police wear body-worn cameras can help to improve relations between police and communities, and ensure greater accountability for police actions. But these requirements must be carefully and thoughtfully implemented within a much wider set