Friends of Systemic Justice Project will want to read Tala Alfoqaha’s excellent new article on The [F]law examining how private companies incentivize public police to prioritize property over people.  The article asks: What happens when the state’s monopoly on violence,

Jon Hanson delivered a “last lecture” calling upon graduating Harvard Law students to recommit to their “childhood dreams of justice.” “[Y]ou exist at an unbelievable moment in history,” he told students. “They happen every 50 years: a moment when the

This is a republication of a post originally posted on December 26th 2014: Last week a South Carolina judge took the unprecedented step of vacating the 1944 conviction of a black 14-year-old boy, the youngest person executed in the United

Josie Duffy, a friend of SJP, is writing about prosecutors and needs your help.  From Daily Kos: As many of you know, my writing at Daily Kos focuses primarily on prosecutors: Instances of prosecutorial misconduct, examples of outsized prosecutorial power,

Ted Hamilton (HLS 3L) published a Boston Globe article this week on “objective reasonableness.”  Here’s the introduction: The video is no less horrifying for being familiar: a young black man surrounded by about 20 police officers, nearly all of them

From Harvard Law Today: Mandating that police wear body-worn cameras can help to improve relations between police and communities, and ensure greater accountability for police actions. But these requirements must be carefully and thoughtfully implemented within a much wider set

At today’s Black Lives Matter Conference events at Harvard Law School, Naomi Murakawa gave an amazing keynote based on her new book, ‘”The First Civil Right: How Liberals Built Prison America,” which, based on her lecture, we highly recommend. In