Briahna Joy Gray shares her brilliant thoughts about her experiences and influences in law school, her goals as a journalist and podcaster, her experience on the Bernie Sanders campaign, the role of left-wing journalism, the problem of corporate power, her theory of change, and her hope for the future. Lea Kayali conducted the interview as part of the launch of The [F]law on February 10, 2022.

The [F]law is the product of Harvard Law School students concerned about the harms caused by corporate interests and the law’s role in empowering corporations. With Professor Jon Hanson as Editor-in-Chief and Director, and students in the Critical Corporate Theory Lab during the 2021 – 2022 academic year working as Contributors and Editors, the team is imagining, designing, creating, and managing The [F]law (in collaboration with the Systemic Justice Project).

The [F]law’s mission is to share stories that reveal how corporate law and power create social problems and systemic injustices. We publish pieces that identify how corporate power has infiltrated social and political institutions, analyze how it controls them, and propose methods for dismantling corporate control & building collective power.

Here’s the video (first couple of minutes = preview):

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