Nader Corvair

From New York Times:

There is no theme-park simulation of riding in a Ford Pinto as the gas tank bursts into flames. But there is a snazzy red Chevrolet Corvair, the car that Ralph Nader said had dangerous structural flaws in his 1965 book, “Unsafe at Any Speed.”

A half-century after the book made him famous and propelled his career as consumer-crusader in chief, the 81-year-old Mr. Nader — the auto industry tormentor who does not own a car — admitted that this Corvair, whatever else, was cool-looking.

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From Harvard Today:

On September 26, after more than 50 years spent advocating for consumers, Ralph Nader ’58 will oversee the opening of the nation’s only museum dedicated to law, the American Museum of Tort Law, in Nader’s home town of Winsted, Conn. Through a series of interactive exhibits, mock trials, and its digital presence, Nader hopes the museum will tell the tales of some of the most famous and influential cases in tort law, inform visitors about the role of the jury, and empower individuals to advocate for themselves.

On Thursday, Sept. 10th, Nader visited HLS to deliver a lecture titled, “How the Mighty Harvard Law School Can Leverage The Great Systems of Justice in America.” Before his visit, he discussed why he feels the country needs a museum dedicated to tort law.

See the talk and read the interview here.