SHOWCASE SESSION 1: Friday April 7, 1:45 – 2:45 pm, Pound 102

  • Esther Wong | Feminist Liberalism, Reproduction, and Policymaking
  • Rafael Leite Paulo | Automation as a Systemic Justice Tool
  • Anika Khan and Nate Szyman | Talking Politics: Strategies For Empowering Citizens Through Improved Political Discourse
  • Chima Nwachukwu | One and Done: Past, Present, and Future
  • Sean Lo | Collaborative Justice Project: Combating Capture of HLS Students by Biglaw
  • Nimat Lawal | Social Activism in the Age of Social Media
  • Alfonso Costa | Gender Inequality in College Sports: An Interview with Professor Michael McCann

Interview Sample

Full Interview

  • Jackie Ebert | Take to the streets! A Danish-inspired model for outreach lawyering
  • Maya Cohen and Michael Trujillo | Measuring Justice: An Impact Assessment Approach for Community Lawyering
  • Thaya Uthayophas | Communicating in the Age of Surveillance: A Practical Guide on Privacy for Human Rights Defenders
  • Terron East | Biglaw and the Talented Tenth: A Story of The Gravitation of Harvard Law Students to Biglaw Firms
  • Valery Atuwo | Who watches the watchman: An assessment of unlawful practices in the police force. A case study of Ghana and United States (Ferguson).
  • Jieun Lim | Hearing from the Students: Has BigLaw Captured HLS?
  • Hyeweon Kim | Mail-Order Brides, Marriage Brokers, and Multicultural Families in South Korea
  • Nicole Antoine | Capital Punishment in America
  • Christian Diederich | Defects in the Toxic Substances Control Act
  • Ern Lim | The legal system and the dispensation of justice: a case study of trafficked victims who commit offences
  • Aabid Allibhai | A Colony in a Nation?: The Black / White Divide in the United States

SHOWCASE SESSION 2: Saturday April 8, 12:35 – 1:35 pm, Pound 102

  • Marilyn Robb | The Arbitration Game: Navigate your Options as a Modern Consumer
  • John Lomazzi | Social Activism in the Age of Social Media


Sample Interview

Full Interview

  • Valentin Vandendaele | From Prison to the Ballot Box: Felon Disfranchisement and Why It Matters
  • Gloria Scott | Prosecutorial Immunity
  • Petra Novotna | Labels and Images: Examples of Historical Stereotypes
  • Dan Sufranski | The Job Guarantee: Why Justice Requires that the Government Act as an Employer of Last Resort
  • Jaywin Singh Malhi and Joey Posimato | High School Civic Literacy Class Curriculum
  • Brian Pilchik | Incomplete Sentences: How Would You Administer Justice?
  • Robin Ladd | Prostitution and Sex Trafficking: A systemic problem with a systemic solution
  • Brandon Hill | Responses to Gentrification and Displacement