(in descending order of weight)

Exemplary Podcast Poor Podcast
Thoughtfulness Podcast is highly creative, captivating, illuminating, and compelling. The podcast contains a clear narrative arc, numerous insights, and nuanced development of supporting materials, reflecting deep engagement with the bigger questions raised by the topic, and has a good title. The podcast’s purpose or message is vague or uninteresting. The supporting information does not fit the main idea or appears disconnected. The podcast does not reflect considered and thoughtful engagement with important questions raised by the topic, and has a bad title.
Relation to Course Themes and/or Tort Law Doctrine The podcast engages with, and distinctly relates to, several themes from the course. The presentation shows a mastery of analysis of course themes and/or tort law or pertinent legal theory. The podcast’s content does not draw from, connect to, or resonate with themes and topics from the course, tort law, or legal theory.
Music and Sound Effects Music and sound effects masterfully reinforce key points. The podcast is sonically pleasing and coherent. Music and sound effects are distracting, unappealing, or counterproductive. Sonically, the podcast lacks a common aesthetic.
Structure The podcast has a clear and compelling structure that is guided along by either a host (or multiple hosts) or some other framing device. The podcast does not have a clear structure and the interjections of hosts and/or team members are distracting or confusing.
Editing Podcast smoothly transitions from segment to segment. Transitions are used appropriately for emphasis and in ways that enhance the podcast’s message, theme, and feel. Podcast is poorly edited, contains choppy segments. Transitions are non-existent, clumsy, distracting, or in competition with the themes, message, or general motif of the podcast.
Audio Quality Audio is clear, crisp, and effectively assists in communicating the main idea. Music and sound effects are employed seamlessly and in ways that enhance the podcast’s message and emotional connection. Any distracting background noise is kept at a minimum. Audio is cut off or inconsistent. Volume is too low or high or too variable. Speakers are difficult to hear or understand. Background noise is distracting. Sound effects or transitional music are absent or ineffective.
Copyright Audio (besides music) from other sources is clearly identified. Podcast contains no segments that elements that appear to raise “fair use” concerns. Audio (besides music) from other sources is poorly identified or not identified at all. Some sections appear to raise concerns about “fair use.”
Timing Meets the time-limit requirement (10-12 minutes maximum). Significantly exceeds or falls well short of 12-minute maximum.