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Systemic Justice Showcase

Session A – 1:20 – 2:00 pm

Tobyn Aaron | Why Good People Commit Evil Acts: America’s Torture Program

Podcast Interview: Interview of Alberto Mora and Dr. Fein, who will offer professional insight into the use of torture on a government and human level [Session A – Seat 124] [Available on Showcase Website]

 Sarah Adkins | Supporting English Language Learners in the Classroom:

Pamphlet: An overview of significant legislation and cases concerning English Language Learners in the classroom. [Session A – Seat 126] [pdf]

 Mihal Ansik | “She’s Gone Now”: The Impact of the War on Drugs on Reproductive Justice

Podcast Interview: Interview with Andrea James, founder of Families for Justice as Healing, on organizing currently and formerly incarcerated women around building community-based solutions to mass incarceration, and the role of lawyers and policymakers in supporting their movement and hearing their stories [Session A – Seat 128] [Available on Showcase Website]

Alexandra Anthony & Cass Luskin | Private Prisons

Interview Transcript: Interview with Alex Friedmann on the private prison industry in the US and the possible reasons for its continued success [Session A – Seat 63]

 Nadia Arid | Environmental Justice: A Student Activist’s Guide

Toolkit/Info Packet: This guide is a series of fact sheets on different facets of environmental justice for students becoming involved in the movement. The series ends with a sheet on exploring solutions that are accessible for young activists [Session A – Seat 130]

Chad Baker | A Tough Pill to Swallow: Interrogating the Legitimacy of the U.S. Pharmaceutical Industry

Pamphlet: This pamphlet presents evidence that there are pervasive and disturbing informational disparities between pharmaceutical companies and both doctors and patients. [Session A – Seat 132]

Matthew Balotta | Access to Nature

Pamphlet: This pamphlet explores some of the health benefits to experiencing natural surroundings and why we are increasingly disconnected from nature. It then describes the current unequal access to nature and how this relates to themes of Systemic Justice. [Session A – Seat 134]

Jordan Baumann + Georgino Hyppolite + Neha Jaganathan | How School Discipline Fails Students With Disabilities

Podcast: Podcast includes various interviews with advocates and researchers who have experience with school discipline of students with disabilities. [Session A – Seat 101] [Available on Showcase Website]

Jeffrey Bayne | Disposition & Situation in Contingent & Part-Time Work

Curriculum: This presentation is a curriculum for a two week unit that examines the relationship between employment structures from a systemic justice perspective. Students will explore how changes in the ways we think about employment contribute to justifications for inequality and injustice. [Session A – Seat 139]

Mikelina Belaineh | Intersectional Justice

Website: Website serves as comprehensive hub of analyzing intersectionality in identity based communities, and the unique experiences and obstacles faced by intersectional members of different communities. (Blog, Info Resources) [Session A – Seat 137]

Whitney Benns + Samuel Straus | Reclaiming Compassion

Presentation: Presentation advocating for inclusion of compassion and empathy in K-12 education, through teacher training, empathy infused curriculum, and direct skills training [Session B – Griswold 110] [Keynote  portion available on Showcase Website]

Fatima Bokhari | War on Drugs: Effects on Communities of Color & Minorities

Podcast Interview: Interview with Phil Torrey, Lecturer of Law on effects of the war on drugs on communities of color and non-citizens/Immigrants [Session A – Seat 120] [Available on Showcase Website]

Mariam Boxwala | Islamic Finance: The Question of Legitimacy

Poster: Description of the thesis and paper. Discusses the perplexing success of Islamic Finnace against very low process and outcome legitimacy [Posted on rear wall]

Aaron Bray | Worst of Both Worlds: Boston’s Policing Crisis

Brochure: Brochure details how Boston’s black community is being over-policed and under-policed at the same time and possible ways to address the issue [Session A – Seat 119]

Isabel Broer | Foreclosure

Memo (targeted at state legislators): Memo to MA state legislators on the statutory and policy background of the MA foreclosure crisis [Session A – Seat 6]

Nidhi Chappidi | Gendercide

Pamphlet: Brochure provides a brief background into Gendercide, forms it takes, and the regions it impacts. It then considres why Gendercide is an injustice and provides explanations of the issue within India. [Session A – Seat 100]

Andrea Clay | Unlearning Lessons: An Anti-Racist Approach to Middle School English Curriculum

Curriculum: 7th Grade Anti-Racist Curriculum using the novel Dark Life by Kat Falls [Session A – Seat 81]

Annaleigh Curtis | Countering Stereotype Threat: Designing a More Inclusive Philosophy Classroom

Website: Website reviews literature on ST and suggests interventions for reducing it in philosophy courses. [Session A – Seat 1]

David Curtis | Project No One Leaves website 2.0

Website: Website provides information to homeowners and tenants facing foreclosure, as well as more academic resources based around the annual Project No One Leaves conference [Session A – Seat 62]

Ariel Eckblad + Deanna Parrish + Caroline Sacerdote | ADR and Communal Justice

Facilitated Dialogue: We will provide an overview of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), an analysis of the procedural injustices of traditional adjudicatative options, and the role ADR may play in remedying this. [Session A – Lewis 214]

Raha Francis |  Socio-Economic Diversity in Elite Institutions — a Cross-Cultural Perspective

Pamphlet: The pamphlet is an introduction to issues of racial and economic diversity in elite French institutions, and how race-blind policies in France have attempted to address this. This will form the basis for a cross-cultural comparison between French and American diversity policies in elite higher education. [Session A – Seat 43]

Michelle Franco | Talking Points: Southern Border

Multimedia: videos & photograph: “Talking Points” displays the capacity of seemingly objective media to decontextualize content and deform intent. The editing techniques used are native to, and frequently abused in, contemporary news production: redaction and rearrangement. The project aims to reverse the typically inflammatory rhetoric surrounding immigration in the United States. In casting known voices, the conclusions are made startling. The logic of the new rhetoric, though, is largely dissonant with the facts on the ground—shown here in a singular, “unedited” photograph. [Session A – Seat 136]

Tamir Haddad | ISIS as Circumstance: Understanding the Rise of ISIS

Brochure: Describes historical backdrop of the rise of ISIS, and analysis on its rapid growth and rise to power [Session A – Seat 09]

Avery Halfon | Building Resistance to Legislative Capture

Website: Tumblr will walk readers through thoughts for how to address legislative capture, through a series of videos [Session A – Seat 20]

Jacob Hanna + Claire Johnson | A Non-Lawyer’s Guide to Foreclosure Processes

Guide (for housing policy experts): Guide describes the foreclosure processes in different states, and is designed to provide housing policy experts without law backgrounds an insight into the relevant legal regimes. [Session A – Seat 63]

David Hanyok | A Survey on Attitudes About Injustice in the Criminal Justice System

Survey (website): I will have a laptop set up for conference attendees to complete the survey I developed; provide the URL / collect email addresses so people can take the survey later; solicit assistance distributing the survey to defense attorneys; discuss the questions the survey is intended to address; and have people sign up to learn about the survey’s results. [Session A – Seat 7]

Session B – 2:00 – 2:40 pm

 Margaret Hazuka,  Nicole Gelsomini, Dongeun Choi, Esther Labrado | School Finance Reform: A Real Opportunity for Every Child

Pamphlet: Pamphlet provides summary of information about the problem of inequality in school funding, what has been done so far in response, and what we should be doing in the future. [Session B – Seat 124]

Julianne Hill | The Death Penalty in America

Pamphlet: Pamphlet provides information and statistics regarding the use of the death penalty. [Session B – Seat 126]

Scott Hochberg | Locating A Progressive Response to the Sharing Economy

Pamphlet: Pamphlet provides an overview of how sharing economy technologies tap into deep-seated progressive tendencies, yet are in many ways anti-progressive, and highlights a few nuanced ways localties can limit the harm these technologies cause while capuring their benefits [Session B – Seat 128]

Kulani Jalata | The Aftermath of #BlackLivesMatter at HLS: Our Stories

Pamphlet: Pamphlet provides a timeline of the #BlackLivesMatter movement at HLS, the activities of students, faculty members, and the administration, and it explains the impetus for a narrative project on the experiences and perspectives of HLS students and faculty regarding legal education and systemic injustices and the role of social justice in legal education. [Session B – Seat 130]

Antuan Johnson | Verba Justitiae (Words of Justice) and Epistemology

Website/Lecture: A short lecture on the concept of epistemic justice to explain the motivation for creating the website, Verba Justitae (Words of Justice), and its potential to promote epistemic justice. [Session B – Seat 132]

Rena Karefa-Johnson | Shattering the Illusion of Inclusion in Spaces of Legal Education

Multimedia Tumblr: Space plays a crucial role in a student’s experience. This Tumblr inquires as to how the spaces of legal education, and especially Harvard Law School, contribute to feelings of exclusion and isolation for diverse students. [Session B – Seat 134]

Marva Khan | Political Asylum

Pamphlet: Poster describes the basic procedure and requirements of applying for political asylum in USA, along with the respective privileges and duties that emerged along with it. [Session B – Seat 136]

Sharon Kim & Alicia Lee | Reintegration After Incarceration

Pamphlet: 2 pamphlets: a backgrounder on reintegration after incarceration, and a pamphlet highlighting options for policy reform.  [Session B – Seat 137]

Paul Klein | Drinking Water: Basic Right or Economic Good?

PowerPoint: Describes unequal global access to drinking water, and private versus public discourses on water management [Session B – Seat 139]

Tilak Koilvaram &  Shivan Sarin | Organized Crime and Deep Capture: The Problem of Human Trafficking

Podcast: Interview with Professor Alex Whiting regarding the influence of criminal organizations on human trafficking. [Session B – Seat 120] [Available on Showcase Website]

 Ashley Lewis | The Creation of the Other: The dehumanizing aspects of pretrial criminal hearings

Pamphlet:  The pamphlet covers current pretrial hearing procedures which dehumanizes those that are accused of crimes and fails to proivde them fair hearings in their criminal cases. [Session B – Seat 119]

Fan Li | The War on Drugs – Reparations

Pamphlet: Lessons learned from history about reparations. [Session B – Seat 100]

Ryland Li | Ecology and Standing

Pamphlet: The pamphlet discusses how the Court inconsistently applies ecology to ascertain whether injury exists for purposes of standing, and argues that it should apply ecology consistently in evaluating standing. [Session B – Seat 42]

Megan Marks | (Dis)Orientation: Inclusion & Diversity at HLS

Pamphlet: This pamphlet is an introduction to inclusion and diversity at HLS. It will introduce students to basic social science concepts like stereotype threat and implicit bias, suggest readings on law school and inclusion, provide resources for students to succeed academically in the first few weeks of 1L, and connect them with campus initiatives that will help them maintain enthusiasm about the reasons that brought them to law school in the first place. [Session B – Seat 42]

Obinna Nwachukwu | Legitimating the War on Drugs: Ronald Reagan’s Rhetoric

Documentary: A short video history of Readan’s anti-drug campaign and its lingering effect on the public perception of the War on Drugs [Session B – Seat 82] [Available on Showcase Website]

Elizabeth Reese | Theories on the Injustice of Stereotypes: Identity Rights and The Redskins

Youtube or Powerpoint presentation: In the debate over the Washington Redskins Football Team name, it is clear that behind a fight about trademark law are larger questions about how the American legal tradition interacts with collective rights, dignity, identity, property, and post-colinialism. This paper traces some ideological foundations that have enabled the legal system to perpetuate and sanction the harm of cultural appropriation. [Session B – Seat 62]

Jacob Reisberg | Seminar on Mind Sciences, Law School, and Inclusion

Curriculum: Curriculum for seminar on mind sciences and inclusion issues at law school, both in terms of perceived exclusion and measured performance. [Session B – Seat 43]

 Emma Scott | The Global Food System

Curriculum: Curriculum for a 12 week university or graduate seminar [Session B – Seat 20]

Thea Sebastian | Community Empowerment

Website: the disempowerment matrix and how to apply it. [Session B – Seat 63]

M. Shin | Sitting Disease & Power

Website: Website presents information in “Sitting Disease” and how the current rhetoric perpetuates existing power structures. [Session B – Seat 9]

Kelsey Skaggs | Climate Change Litigation

Curriculum: Curriculum for a two-day workshop on litigation as a strategy for responding to climate change. This workshop is geared toward attorneys, law students, and legal academics. Topics include existing and emerging litigation strategies, psychological barriers to action, and working with climate change plaintiffs. [Session B – Seat 7]

Alexis Stern | Critical Conversations: Encouraging Educators

Short video/Mini-activity: This presentation encourages teachers to discuss issues of controversy with students by highlighting why students believe they need to discuss difficult topics and by providing teachers with a sample high school unit on race and corresponding guidance for educators on how to implement the unit effectively and with appropriate sensitivity. [Session A – Griswold 110] [Video portion available on Showcase Website]

Blake Strode | Project No One Leaves Conference Scripts and Survey

Scripts and survey: Script for opening remarks; background information, questions, and discussion prompts for breakout groups; survey to solicit feedback from conference participants. [Session B – Seat 6]

Mark Verstraete | Black Bloc: The Aesthetics of Revolt

Flyer with Presentation/Dialogue: Presentation Describing Black Blocs, their history, theoretical justifications, and connection to mind science [Session B – Seat 4]

Salome Viljoen | Valuing the Good Life: Systemic Issues in Healthcare Access and Inequality

Presentation: [Session B – Seat 01]

Kerry Watson | Pig Farming in America: Confronting the Cruel Reality of What We Eat

Pamphlet: [Session B – Seat 81]

Jonathan Whitney | Fracking in Indian Country

Podcast interview: Interview with Kennedy School Fellow Jessica Packineau about the law around tribal energy development. [Session B – Seat 101]

Rebecca Wolozin | Supporting Immigrant Students with Significant Interruptions in Formal Education (SIFE students) For Life Success

Poster: The poster discusses the background situation of many child immigrants, the existing laws that they can draw on for support, and what would help them succeed in school and in their new lives in the U.S. [Posted on rear wall]