Professors Dean A. Strang and Jon D. Hanson as guest speakers in ‘What is Justice?’ series

This is the fourth guest-speaker event held by the Criminal Justice Research Group, on the theme of ‘What is justice?’

Professors Strang and Hanson will address issues including the following:

·         Justice as the absence of injustice.

·         How law legitimates injustice.

·         What should we do about justice?

Prof. Dean A. Strang is a professor at Loyola University Chicago School of Law and a criminal defense lawyer. He is known for his work documented in Netflix’s Making A Murderer. Strang also has written two books of legal history, Keep the Wretches in Order: America’s Biggest Mass Trial, the Rise of the Justice Department and the Fall of the IWW (2019); and Worse Than the Devil: Anarchists, Clarence Darrow, and Justice in a Time of Terror (2013 & rev. ed. 2016). Additionally, he has written or coauthored several law review articles and invited book chapters. He was Wisconsin’s first Federal Defender and has argued in the United States Supreme Court, five United States Courts of Appeal, and the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

Prof. Jon Hanson is the Alan A. Stone Professor of Law and the Director of the Systemic Justice Project at Harvard Law School. Hanson’s teaching and scholarship melds history, the mind sciences, economics, and law. Among his writings that focus on the meaning of justice are the following coauthored articles: “Occupy Justice: Introducing the Injustice Framework,” 15 Harv. L. & Pol’y Rev. (2021) and “The Blame Frame: Justifying (Racial) Injustice in America,” 41 Harv. C.R.-C.L. L. Rev. 413 (2006). Hanson has won several teaching awards and co-directs The Justice Initiative.