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Great news from two friends of the Systemic Justice Project: A small city bordering Ferguson, Mo., has agreed to pay $4.7 million to compensate nearly 2,000 people who spent time in the city’s jail for not paying fines and fees

Two fabulous articles by HLS students, both written in response to Randall Kennedy’s op-ed. First a piece by Bianca Tylek in the Huffington Post (who also wrote this article in the Boston Globe in response to the taping). She writes about connection

In the spirit of fostering a community-wide conversation, we wanted to respond to Randall Kennedy’s provocative op-ed.   Although Randy is unperturbed by the black tape recently placed over his photograph, he is quite concerned about something else: the potentially destructive effects

Matt Pawa will be speaking tomorrow (Wednesday) about the creative use of tort law to sue corporations for global warming. It should be a great presentation on both how to use litigation creatively to tackle systemic problems, and how to think

An interesting article linking individualism to wheat production and situationism to rice production. For example, Americans are more likely to ignore the context, and Asians to attend to it. Show an image of a large fish swimming among other fish

In Harvard Crimson (By Jon D. Hanson, Jacob Lipton, and Sarah Paige): With less than one week to go, the Massachusetts gubernatorial election between Martha Coakley and Charlie Baker could hardly be closer. A recent WBUR poll found that the two most

SYSTEMIC JUSTICE Jon Hanson with Jacob Lipton Spring 2015 Course Meets: W, Th, F 1:20pm – 2:40pm 4 classroom credits This course will employ insights from numerous disciplines, including history, the mind sciences, economics, and law to explore some of