Social Psychology

Systemic Justice Project friend, Jay Willis, has recently been writing with insight and wit about the problem of homelessness.  This week, he published the following op-ed in Crosscut.  *** In Seattle, the recent explosion in homelessness has transformed the issue into

From Harvard Gazette: According to Yale Professor John Dovidio, “Whites spend a lot of time pretending they don’t see race.” But, he said, unconscious bias is pervasive, and unconscious biases by whites impact nearly every aspect of black lives, including

I’m not a huge fan of David Cameron, even though he was once very kind to my grandmother, who lives in his constituency, but it’s nice to see him taking steps on the issue of implicit bias. As he writes in the

An Interview with John Jost by Paul Rosenberg Note: This interview was originally published on with an outrageously incendiary title that entirely misrepresented its content. Introduction by Paul Rosenberg: In the immediate aftermath of World War II, a wide

Our colleagues Charles J. Ogletree Jr. and David J. Harris recently wrote an op-ed for the Boston Globe.  As students trickle back to school and all of us consider how we want 2015 to be different from 2014, we thought

An interesting article linking individualism to wheat production and situationism to rice production. For example, Americans are more likely to ignore the context, and Asians to attend to it. Show an image of a large fish swimming among other fish

An article of interest in the latest issue of Psychological Science: Subjective Status Shapes Political Preferences, by Jazmin L. Brown-Iannuzzi, Kristjen B. Lundberg, Aaron C. Kay B. Keith Payne (November, 2014). Introduction Economic inequality is at historically high levels and