Systemic Justice Project friend, Jay Willis, has recently been writing with insight and wit about the problem of homelessness.  This week, he published the following op-ed in Crosscut.  *** In Seattle, the recent explosion in homelessness has transformed the issue into

From Harvard Gazette: According to Yale Professor John Dovidio, “Whites spend a lot of time pretending they don’t see race.” But, he said, unconscious bias is pervasive, and unconscious biases by whites impact nearly every aspect of black lives, including

Two fabulous articles by HLS students, both written in response to Randall Kennedy’s op-ed. First a piece by Bianca Tylek in the Huffington Post (who also wrote this article in the Boston Globe in response to the taping). She writes about connection

Whitney Benns, a friend of the Systemic Justice Project and Justice Fellow has a fantastic piece in The Atlantic on forced labor in the Louisiana State Penitentiary. After describing scenes that are virtually unchanged from antebellum slavery, including especially the race

Two articles that reflect very different conceptions of what causes obesity, and therefore how to address it. First, in the LA Times, a report that diet and exercise alone are no cure for obesity: For most of the nation’s 79 million adults