Christopher Benson has written a great piece on Spotlight and the problems with an individualistic, rather than a systemic, focus: [M]erely exposing individual wrongdoers does not go far enough if systemic flaws enable wrongdoing to continue. That is the driving dramatic question

[youtube=] On February 12 and 13, 2015, Professor Crenshaw made three outstanding, public presentations at Harvard Law School — at events organized by Harvard Law School’s Students for Inclusion.  All three talks are compiled talks in this video. In the

[youtube=] February 13, 2015 – at Harvard Law School – Students for Inclusion Event (“Law School Matters: Reassessing Legal Education Post-Ferguson” Conference).  The title of this event, featuring keynote presentations by Professors Peller and Crenshaw, was “Law School or Justice

SJP friend, Enumale Agada, has written a superb post about “Sidney Poitier, Mike Brown, and the Myth of Black Exceptionalism” on her blog, Celluloid in Black and White.  Here’s a brief excerpt. . . . . What exactly is the