See Jon Hanson’s long twitter thread on the need for, lack of, and challenges to law-student activism in which he argues that “law students have less and less time to contemplate how law school is changing them and their life trajectories, much less for mobilizing, organizing, and resisting any of those effects” and that “[t]o create room for organizing and coalition building, law students should unite within individual law schools and across the country to decry and resist the absurdly excessive curricular demands of legal education and to demand less rigorous workloads and more time off.”

Hanson likens law schools to “what Erving Goffman called a ‘total institution’: separating a group of people from the wider community for a considerable time, significantly shaping key aspects of those people‚Äôs lives, including their sleep, play, and work,” and explains more generally why “the soil of law school and legal education is generally toxic to the seeds of justice-based organizing.”

You can read the entire thread here.