The Systemic Justice Project is thrilled to announce its new podcast,  The Critical Legal Theory Podcast, which will feature interviews with legal theorists, lawyers, activists, and organizers who share their stories about the origins, evolution, and influence of critical legal theories.

For our first season, the CLT Podcast will include interviews with legal scholars (including Duncan Kennedy, David Trubek, Peter Gabel, Karl Klare, Mark Tushnet, and Kimberlé Crenshaw) regarding the history of the Critical Legal Studies movement (CLS).

The interviews explore the intellectual, political, social, and economic context shaping the CLS movement and some of the effects of, and reactions to, CLS scholarship then and now.

The CLS movement emerged in the early 1970s at a time, not unlike today, when the legal system’s legitimacy was widely challenged. A robust backlash would lead to the demise of the movement but the movement, its ideas, and the backlash against it, have all had a lasting impact on law schools, legal education, legal scholarship, and the legal profession itself.  The interviews featured in the first season will illuminate that history and those effects.

You can listen to the introductory episode and Part 1 of our interview of David Trubek on our podcast page. Stay tuned for future episodes.